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About us

The "613 POMEGRANATE WINE" winery is located in the north of Israel, 10 km from the city of Nahariya. The wine is made from a special kind of pomegranate "wonderful", grown in the lower and upper Galil. The fruits are very large, ( it could weigh up to 1500 gr) аnd very sweet (could contain up to 29% of fructose) which makes it possible to make wine with its own fermentation without adding alcohol and sugar. Pre-grains are separated from the peel and membranes and the process of fermentation does not get pomegranate (punicic acid) acid, so the wine turns soft and not dangerous for people suffering from problems of the stomach mucosa. We produce only limited variety of wines, however the emphasise is on quality and uniquenes, therefore you can buy it only in our company store. We are always looking forward to your visit and will be pleased to give you the opportunity to try all our products and choose what you like.

Our Products

Pomegranate Wine

Passionfruit Wine

Pomegranate Port Wine

Passionfruit Liquer

Pomegranate Liquer

Pomegranate Oil

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